Craig Greene - C2 Financial


Santa Barbara, CA 93103



Craig Paul Greene has been helping people with their mortgages since 1989 and has funded well over $1Billion in loans. As a fifth-generation Santa Barbara native, Craig is well aware of the unique needs of clients in this community. Having been through several cycles in the lending environment, Craig is adept in placing loans best suited to meet the long-term financial goals of his clients.

Craig’s years of lending experience have revealed that the wealth in one’s home can be tapped in many ways to improve the quality of life. In these times of high inflation, a fixed income may not be enough to live on comfortably. A Reverse Mortgage is the perfect solution for many people 62+ years old with significant equity trapped in their homes.

At C2 Financial Corporation, Craig has access to many of the most competitive lenders offering Reverse Mortgages in the United States. Being a Mortgage Broker and not an employee of just one lender allows him to shop around for the Reverse Mortgage that is the best fit for his clients.