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Craig Greene is your premier reverse mortgage expert located in Santa Barbara, California. He is committed to quality customer service and putting the needs of the people it serves first. Craig Greene will always adhere to the highest degree of integrity in all business dealings.

When it comes to Reverse Mortgages, education is the key. Our pledge to you, is to complete the education process, so you are able to make an informed decision. We always encourage prospective clients to invite family members to be a part of the discussion during the education process.

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This Reverse Mortgage Calculator has been designed to help take the guess work out of your Reverse Mortgage research. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the more questions you answer – the more accurate your results

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Reverse Mortgages can help you achieve any number of goals that you may have. Check out some examples of how people have benefited from or changed their lives with a reverse mortgage from us.

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A Reverse mortgage is a loan available to seniors over the age of 62 which allows them to convert the equity in their home into cash. A reverse mortgage can also be used to purchase a home.

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What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a loan available to seniors over the age of 62 which allows them to convert equity in their home into cash.

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What our clients are saying

Peter C.

Craig helped me close two separate mortgage transactions. He was responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, and worked hard on my behalf moving the transactions through all the red tape. The service he provided was outstanding, and I plan to use him again.

Todd R.

In the complicated world of mortgage analysis, decision-making, and execution (IE, getting your loan!!!), Craig is unparalleled. I have purchased or sold over twelve high-end homes, and no one has provided the same insights, planning, detailed support and execution with the positive results that Craig has achieved for me. He is bright, personable, and a pleasure to work with. Just a great experience, I recommend Craig highly!

Heidi P.

Craig was everything some past lenders were not. He was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, honest, always kept me well informed, and asked for all needed documentation once, without continually coming back over and over for "just one more thing." Escrow was closed quickly and painlessly. Everything, all along the line, was exactly as he said it would be.The whole experience was painless, more than I can say for some of my other escrows and refinances.I can't say enough good. I would highly recommend him.

Daniel Z.

Craig has a longstanding track record in the Santa Barbara community for integrity, lending expertise, and follow through. I often contact him when I, or a client of mine, has a lending need as Craig has an excellent, "outside the box" approach to lending and finding creative solutions for clients that sometimes do not fit the traditional mold. While I know Craig often works with very high net worth individuals, he has this humble, down-to-earth approach where even entry level first time home buyers sense is authentic care and desire to take the time to educate them on the entire process. His communication is always top notch and he has been diligent to follow-up with me every time I have a lending need via phone and email both.

Liza C.

Craig was a professional who made our refinance stress free. Our family would highly recommend him in the future to all our friends. He recommended a plan of action last year to achieve our objectives and following his recommendation we got the exact loan which fit our current need.

Jim D.

I had a fairly complicated transaction that included flood and fire zone issues. There were a lot of concerns that needed to be addressed on the lenders part. Craig and his staff handled all the paperwork and coordinated all of the loan documents carefully with the lender. The estimated rate and cost for the loan is what I ended up with. Craig came through with the loan in record time at a great rate!

Alfie B.

Craig was spot on. Being a business owner I appreciate accurate information that is delivered in a timely manner, Craig did both. His entire staff were knowledgeable and punctual, from the office assistant, the appraiser and then coming to my home to review all of the closing documents. All phases of the refinance process were handled well. My next loan will be with Mr. Greene.

Sergio G.


Craig Green is extremely knowledgeable and professional. There are very few lenders that go the extra mile for their clients to ensure they are getting the best service and lowest rates. I'm glad to refer future friends and family to Craig!

Mark C.

Craig Greene is the best! I’ve worked with many mortgage brokers and advisors over the last 30 years. None were better than Craig. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced. He has a great personality. He is a pleasure to work with. I am self-employed, which makes any refinancing an adventure. ...

Craig M.

Very responsive. Tenacious. Keeps his word when he says he'll get back to you. Excellent with the lenders. I've dealt with numerous mortgage brokers over the years both as a banker and customer and Craig is the best I've seen.

Steve M.

We have a unique property (house & 10 acre avocado orchard) which we had been attempting to refi for about 6 months, a number of other mortgage leaders took us down the path only to be let down at the final stage due to the type of property, which we told them day 1. Craig got us refinanced, found a lender willing to lend on this type of property with no rate penalty. Craig responded same day to email questions, no nasty surprises in additional fees. We would recommend him without hesitation

Allison M.

I have closed on 8 purchases and at minimum 14 re-fi’s. I have never worked with anyone that has the sense of urgency and follow through that Craig has. Even when the stress level is high and the deadlines are approaching Craig remains calm and confident. Craig recently helped us close on a new purchase and on 4 different refi's all with in 6 months. He managed around my crazy travel schedule and made everything easier than I’ve ever experienced. I will always use Craig for future financing needs. He knows how to get it done.